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CQIT provides high-quality regulated qualification certificates for centers and learners in terms of employability, professional subjects, and skill enhancement. CQIT actively promotes qualifications in the cultural industry, in addition to beauty, makeup, hairdressing, and customer service.

CQIT is centered in Italy and covers multiple educational and cultural promotion groups worldwide. With a focus on "cultural integration", it is committed to cultural development and creativity in various regions.
Why choose CQIT
Advantages of CQIT certification:
① Taking a 'photo' in hand, traveling around the world
The official certification and qualifications of the 27 EU countries are more intuitive and valuable than RPL, providing extra protection for overseas work and immigration! In addition, in many Asian countries, CQIT international licenses are widely recognized and increasingly respected
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National certification
Certified courses
Special effects makeup artist certification
Design concept, basic makeup techniques, color and pigment application, live mold flipping, shaping design, mold making, flipping process, color and application
Certified Chinese Decorative Designer
The CQIT Chinese style decoration designer certification began in 1999, dedicated to inheriting and promoting Chinese style decoration culture, bringing dual improvement in cultural literacy and professional skills to students, enabling them to master the handicraft skills and design ingenuity of Chinese aesthetic concepts, and endowing them with professional honors of authority first.
Hanfu Designer Certification
History of the Evolution of Chinese Costume, Colorology, Traditional Pattern Styles and Significance, Basic Theory of Costume, Hanfu Dressing Methods, Graphic Design
CQIT Professional Hairy Professional Certification
Professional ciliary theory, hair growth, hygiene management, grafting techniques, combination design, customer analysis, unloading exams
CQIT Facial Painter Certification
Colorology, basic brushwork, coloring techniques, mask design, simulated animal makeup design, spray gun techniques
CQIT Professional Embroiderer Certification
Dermatology theory, chromatics, eyebrow design, eyeliner design, lip design, embroidery modification method